Monthly Donations: VLC and the Pegasus Foundation

Ah, what a fine day… for science! I mean, for my monthly donations.

Today I’m supporting VLC, the fantastic open source media player (actually, it’s much more than just a player) that I use both on my Linux desktop and on a MacBook. VLC has been around since early 2001 and through the years has gained well-deserved reputation as the player that can play any media file (which is thanks to the numerous decoding/encoding libraries included with the program). It’s developed by the VideoLAN project team — thanks guys, great job!

The second donation that I’m making this month is to the Pegasus Foundation, devoted to rescuing horses bound for slaughterhouses, and generally helping animals in need. I supported them in December last year, and this time I’m making a donation for a little 5-year-old dog named Jinx, who was severely hit by a car, had undergone surgery and now needs to go through long and extensive rehabilitation to recover. Stay strong, Jinx!

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