Monthly Donations: Free Software Foundation and the “Last Chance” Foundation

Festivities done, the end of December is nigh, so it’s high time for the last round of donations this fine year.

This month I’m yet again making a donation that’s long-deserved, to an organization which had a great influence in shaping the free software/open source movement into what it is today — the Free Software Foundation, established by Richard Stallman back in 1985.

Currently, the Foundation is collecting donations to build up their budget for 2014. Chip in if you can!

As usual, I’m also sending a donation to a charity organization that is not related to technology, and this time I’m supporting the “Last Chance” Foundation, which runs an animal shelter near my home town of Rawa Mazowiecka. It’s the second time that I’m donating to them, the first one was in June last year when I virtually adopted a dog named Michał (yes, we shared the same name). Now I’m also virtually adopting a dog that goes by the glorious name of Emperor.

I wish all the best and a Happy New Year to the people of the Foundation and all the animals under their care.

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