Monthly Donations: Transmission and the “Cat’s Claw” Foundation

Once again I’m doing the monthly donations on the very last day of the month. I wonder if there’s a badge for a master procrastinator… Alright, let’s get down to business.

The open source project that I’m donating to this month is Transmission, the popular BitTorrent client, initially released back in 2005. Highly renowned for its stability and low resource usage, it’s currently the default BitTorrent client on a number of Linux distributions. I happily use it both on a Linux desktop and on a MacBook.

The second of this month’s donations is to the “Cat’s Claw” Foundation in Poznan, formed in 2006, which is committed to providing help to stray animals — mostly cats, as the name suggests. It’s the second time that I’m supporting the Foundation, the first time was a year ago.

All the best to the “Cat’s Claw” crew of volunteers, and to the cats under their care!

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