Monthly Donations: The OpenBSD Foundation and the “Little Claw” Foundation

My blog is temporarily in sleep mode with just the donation announcements coming up every month — I’m sorry about that, but I’m swamped with work and have zero time for writing posts or for my personal projects. Hopefully, in March things will slow down a bit and I’ll have some time to get back to that.

Anyway, it is the time for this month’s donations. The first organization that I’m donating to is the OpenBSD Foundation, and it’s yet another long-deserved donation, as I’m an everyday user of the two main products that are supported by the Foundation — OpenBSD and OpenSSH. An OpenBSD machine acts as a gateway in my home network, and pretty much every machine that I use is running OpenSSH. So, guys, thanks for being with me all the time and keeping my network activities secure!

I’m also sending a donation to the “Little Claw” Foundation (not to be confused with “Cat’s Claw” that I supported last month), which helps stray cats by neutering them and finding them new homes. Some time ago I had the pleasure of speaking with the Foundation’s director, and I know the people behind it are truly dedicated to their cause. I wish them all the best in their efforts.

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