Monthly Donations: Nginx and the WWF Poland Lynx Campaign

Update from last month’s post: things haven’t slowed down yet like I hoped they would, and I still haven’t had the time to return to my precious projects. But the day will come, and it will come soon. Now, let’s do this month’s donations.

The open source project that I’m supporting this month is Nginx, the web/proxy server that’s famous for its performance. It’s currently the second or third (depending on how you count) most widely used web server on the planet. Over the past few years, I’ve personally witnessed how its popularity increased based on the web projects that I’ve been participating in — more and more often, Nginx was being chosen as the web server to run the project on. To Nginx project team — congratulations and keep up the great work!

By the way, the fine FLOSS Weekly podcast covered Nginx in one of the recent episodes — I recommend it if you want to learn a bit more about this project and where it’s headed.

The second donation that I’m making this month is to a cause that I already supported a year ago, and that is the WWF Poland Lynx Campaign. It’s an initiative of the Polish office of WWF to restore the population of lynx in the Mazury region in Poland. Since March last year, they have introduced three new lynxes to the Mazurian woods. I’m glad to know they are moving forward with their efforts and I wish them best of luck.

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