Monthly Donations: Sudo and the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn

As the glorious tradition goes, I’m doing another round of monthly donations supporting open source projects and charity organizations, and per a slightly less glorious tradition, I’m doing this on the lastest day of the month.

This month’s open source project that I’m supporting is one small utility that is so common that I found it hard to even think of it as a project of its own, it seems like an elemental component of every operating system that I’m using these days. And if you’re reading this on Linux or Mac OS X, it’s pretty likely that you use it all the time as well, because I’m talking about Sudo, the program that gives you great power whenever you need it.

Sudo is mostly used to gain root privileges, but it can do much more than just that — it’s highly configurable and gives you fine-grained control over who’s allowed to run which commands.

I’m also supporting the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn (for the second time, since I also sent them a donation last year).

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