Monthly Donations: Perl Dancer and the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation

I’m blogging from the scene of destruction and havoc that used to be my apartment, but it’s currently undergoing renovation and this is what it’s turned into. There is dust everywhere, the furniture is all over the place, and I’m having trouble finding my way around. In short, it’s like a major rewrite of a large code base, but in real life.

Anyway, some renovation-shmenovation won’t stop me from continuing the initiative of monthly donations — so here we go. It has become a tradition of its own that June is the month when I support Dancer, my favorite Perl web framework, which I use both for work and for my personal projects with great joy. This year is no exception, and with my donation to the project I’m sending the well-deserved big thanks to the developers and maintainers of the project.

The second donation that I’m making this month goes to the “Friends to the Animals” Foundation, based in Katowice (whom I also support regularly — the previous time was in November last year). Their mission is to help mistreated and abandoned animals and to raise awareness of animal welfare issues, and I know they are truly dedicated to their cause. Thank you for your great work, Friends to the Animals!

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