Monthly Donations: The FreeBSD Foundation and the “Gift of Heart” Foundation

Uhh, I got swamped with work and almost didn’t make it in time with the monthly donations! I only have minutes left till the inevitable end of July, so I better get right to it.

This month I’m supporting the FreeBSD Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting the development of the FreeBSD operating system and the community around it. I have been using FreeBSD for years on several machines, including the very server that this website is running on, so this donation is in gratitude for all that time that FreeBSD has served me so well. Thank you, Beastie!

I’m also making a donation to the “Gift of Heart” Foundation, located in Krakow, devoted to helping homeless and abused animals — this is the second time that I’m supporting them, the first time being back in 2012. I wish all the best to the Foundation staff, and to all the animals under their care.

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