Monthly Donations: LibreOffice and the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn

Having way too much work? Check. Making the monthly donations at the last moment before the end of the month? Check. So everything is in order, let’s get to it.

Today I’m making a donation to the LibreOffice project, and this is the second time that I’m supporting them — the first time was in December 2012. LibreOffice continues to be one of the most important software packages that I use almost every day, thanks to the joys of running a small business and thus constantly having to deal with text documents and spreadsheets. Although I would very much prefer not having to do that and just play with source code, that’s how it is, and at least LibreOffice makes it bearable. Thank you once again, the Document Foundation!

The second of this month’s donations goes to the Animal Shelter in Olsztyn, also not a first-timer, since I already supported them in April, and in February last year. To the staff and volunteers of the Shelter — all the best and keep up the good work!

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