Monthly Donations: Tracks and the “Sfora” Foundation

Last month I thought I was being as busy as humanly possible, but life proved me wrong — this month I’m even more busy. So, I’m just posting this quick last minute note about this month’s donations.

The open source project that I’m supporting this month is Tracks, the Getting Things Done web application built in Ruby on Rails. I have been using it for more than two years now (I already made a donation to the project back in July 2012) and I highly value its simplicity and usefulness.

My second donation goes to the “Sfora” Foundation in Warsaw, dedicated to helping stray and mistreated dogs. This is the third time that I’m supporting them, and the two previous donations were also made in September, so I guess I can now officialy consider “Sfora” a regular donation recipient for the month of September.

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